About Us

Developed by Riaan Van Zyl an arborist and conservation forester, with 30 years’ experience in arboriculture, and urban forestry and Matthew Kleinenberg, a trained GIS and environmental practitioner, together working from Stellenbosch and Cape Town, South Africa.

This system captures and uses specialist tree inventory data and combines it with a geographic reference point. This information is then analysed, and a management plan is developed for the maintenance and management of trees in the cultural environment. Cultural environments are defined as areas which are frequently associated with humans, and their activities.

It is the new tool for owners and custodians of trees and forests to actively manage track, and record, the condition, history, and maintenance work on their trees and forests, on an individual and collective level. We have developed this method with our customers in mind. It is a fully customizable, with a modular nature which serves to secure the clients environmental assets within the limitations of budget constraints. We are able to join these modules to develop a comprehensive environmental management strategy for an entire area.

Ideal for custodians, owners, and managers of environments who perceive and attach an asset value to the environment, and where a budget is available to care for and manage these environments. We ensure available operational budget is spent in the right place based on actual and real time data and statistics, saving money and time.

The system is a service plan, with yearly inspections, and annual data updates. It assures you that your trees are assessed by experienced and trained tree specialists, and allows you peace of mind that the management of your trees and forests is in our specialist hands.